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Signature Collection

$ 69.00
Signature Collection

Signature Collection

$ 69.00

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Looking for a nice client gift? Celebrating a special occasion? Maybe just seeking some self-indulgence at home?

Our cheesemongers select the best cheeses available and pair with the perfect small-batch preserves, honeys, fruits, nuts, and crackers.

We rotate our offerings quite frequently, but in each box you can expect:

    • 4 pieces of award-winning artisanal cheeses 
    • 2 jars small-batch preserves and/or honey
    • 2 types of dried fruits or nuts
    • 1 box of crackers
    • 2 wooden knives
    • Educational material, including tasting notes, cheese origins, suggested pairings, and care instructions
    • A reusable wooden box that turns into a cheese board!

Everything you need to enjoy on the spot is included!

Serves 4-6 people.