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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I select my own cheeses?

Not yet, but stay tuned! We're building out our custom offerings with individual cheese selections as we speak!

What if I will not be there to receive the order?

We offer a calendar date / picker and multiple shipping options to ensure that you are available to sign for delivery. It is your responsibility to use tracking to receive order, especially during the warm summer months.

Where do you source your cheese?

We work directly with producers and global wholesalers to ensure we consistently have the best product available!

How do I brand my own box?

Just shoot us an email with your request to hello@fromagetoyou.com

Do you deliver boxes or platters on-demand in my city?

Pick a product and run through the checkout process. If we offer on demand delivery in your city, you will see the option.

How do I track my delivery?

We use FedEx for all deliveries. Shoot us a note to hello@fromagetoyou.com to check in!

What's that smell? 

Don't worry, it's just the normal aroma of cheese. In France they call it the pieds de dieu or "Feet of God"

Shipping Policy & Rates:

We ship via overnight shipping MondayWednesday due to the perishable nature of our boxes. Orders should arrive next day, within the selected week on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. However, because we work with a third party courier, there are rare occasions when this is interrupted. In this case, please contact us. 

We charge a flat rate of $15 per box within the Continental United States, and each cheese collection is boxed and shipped individually. Therefore, there will be an individual charge for each collection that you order.  

Additionally, we offer same-day, on-demand delivery to Austin, Texas. We hope to expand this service going forward.

Delivery & Gift Shipments: 

The buyer is responsible for receiving the package on the day of delivery, or notifying the recipient to be available. We recommend letting gift recipients know in advance that something perishable will be delivered, as the boxes need be refrigerated shortly after they’re received. Consider shipping to the recipient's place of business or calling the gift recipient in advance. The buyer may be responsible for the costs associated with any reshipping of gifts. 
We cannot deliver to PO Boxes. Address corrections made after packages have been picked up by FedEx may result in extra charges and add at least one day to the delivery time – potentially resulting in a compromised product. 

Tracking Your Order:

The buyer will be emailed the FedEx tracking number of each package that is sent. We are available to assist with tracking orders Monday through Friday 210.887.6809


Contact us at Hello@fromagetoyou.com