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What is Fromage to You?

We started Fromage to You with the mission of delivering unique curations of cheeses and pairings within a day of ordering, either as a gift for others, or just as a personal treat!

How Does It Work? 

  • Our chief cheesemonger goes directly to the source, selecting the most delicious cheeses from farms and dairies around the world to curate the perfect flavor combinations. We also provide educational materials to teach you about each cheese, the origins, and which tastes to look for in every bite.
  • After selection, the cheese is sliced & packaged into our lovely custom pinewood boxes that you can reuse again and again – perfect for transporting food to picnics or parties! 
  • Our intricate courier network ensures that no time is wasted; The cheese is delivered to right to your door within the time window you choose, neatly packaged ready for you to enjoy! 

What will I get? 

Our boxes blend education with design for a highly experiential product. We want to surprise and delight your senses, taking you on a tasting journey!

Behind every cheese is a story to be told. We provide bits of education, such as what you should be tasting, what to pair your cheese with, where it comes from, who makes it, & how.

Whether you’re looking to indulge a friend, spoil your employees/clients (they’re great ice-breakers!), impress at a party, or just take yourself on a cheese tasting journey, our product is sure to give a unique and pleasurable experience!