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June Cheese Selections!

June Cheese Selections!

In the long run, our vision for Fromage To You will offer a stunning variety of cheeses, meats, spreads, and sides, specifically focused on small-producers as much as possible --- for now, while we're getting started, our team is cycling cheeses weekly or monthly depending seasonality, freshness, supply, and our general mood!

We're actively taking requests, so please feel free to shoot us a note at hello@fromagetoyou.com!

Here's a quick overview of our offerings in June for both subscriptions and gifts (for 2 more weeks):


Castilla La Mancha, Spain

Once considered a Manchego, this 100 day aged cheese is its own category now because of the blend of goat, cow, and sheep’s milk used to make it. The use of three milks produces a full, rich and buttery flavor with a hint of warm roasted onions.



“Born to be Mild!” Lamb Chopper is produced and aged in Holland in collaboration with American cheesemaker Cypress Grove. Soft and buttery on the palate, this cheese has sweetness of salted caramel and fresh vanilla beans, with a hint of citrus.


Georgia, USA

A raw cow’s milk cheese made in the style of a French farmhouse table cheese. This natural rinded, semi-soft cheese is aged at least 60 days for a subtle yet complex earthy flavor and creamy texture. Pair with earthy red wines such as Pinot Noir or Gamay, or a hoppy pale ale.


Jura, France

This Comté is a bold and nutty French mountain cheese made in the Jura plateau region. This firm, raw cow’s milk cheese is aged to perfection in special ripening caves at the Fort des Rousses, which was built by Napolean more than 200 years ago.


These thin, crispy, light crackers are the perfect vessel to taste every intricacy of the cheese without distracting your pallete!


Harvested from French orange blossom bees


Handmade in Austin, TX based on seasonality


Herbed Spanish almonds from a 6th generation family farm

Introducing Fromage To You!

Introducing Fromage To You!

Launching from Austin, Texas, Fromage to You brings the local cheese shop experience to your doorstep. Open one of the handcrafted, reusable pine boxes and you’ll find exceptional artisan cheeses selected by the chief cheesemonger plus perfect pairings like preserves, crackers, and educational product information and tips. Fromage to You wants to go beyond the traditional to deliver you a tasting journey that excites your taste buds with each surprising morsel.

Co-founders Jackson Dyre-Borowicz and Caroline Field met at the University of Texas and continued their close friendship long after graduating. “I would describe our relationship as I’m the dreamer and he’s the doer,” says Caroline, “I had this vision I’d been noodling on for a long time, and it wouldn’t have become a reality without Jackson; he’s the legs of the operation.”

That vision came from a night at a Portland restaurant Caroline visited on a whim while traveling for work. It had a Japanese-style bar case featuring tons of intriguing cheeses. After chatting with staff, she was served a tasting experience she’d never forget. These off-the-wall cheeses were some of the best she’d ever tasted and after a few bites, she knew she wanted to recreate the feel, education, and try and buy style of the shop to share with others.  

Also due to her work, Caroline was receiving a wealth of gift baskets. Instead of being able to enjoy the thank you presents from clients, she thought there must be something better on the market. Yet, nothing of value showed up on her searches. By combining the experience in Portland with the market need for high-quality, specialty product gift boxes, Fromage to You was brought to life.

She and Jackson then went to work on educating themselves on every aspect of the cheese industry. Jackson even began to try to age cheese himself: “My fiancé struggled with the varieties of cheese that have been in our fridge for months,” he says, “There are some interesting smells in my kitchen because of this company.”

From their research, they decided Fromage to You would be an approachable way to send gourmet artisan cheeses from around the world to family, friends, clients, or yourself. They would be the local cheese shop for the entire country, with hand-selected, personalized gifts that felt as if they arrived from the store down the street.

It would be about the experience, taking the guesswork out of ordering, and purely enjoying each bite. “I think we both bring that new way of thinking to a very antiquated product,” says Caroline, “With Fromage to You, we want customers to sit back, relax, and enjoy. Talk about the cheeses, educate yourself on our menus, and learn about the origins.” Behind each wedge in the Fromage to You box, the story and feel, from the cow that produced the milk at a certain altitude to the person who sliced it, would shine.

And purveyors are selected carefully. “The companies we rely on help us provide a greater variety of cheese while still having that farm-to-table feel,” says Jackson. Fromage to You brings unique cheeses you can’t buy at the grocery store to your front door, from the Alps to Northern California. Each box is meticulously curated with a diversified selection of award-winners from French and Italian to Spanish and American, and from raw to pasteurized.

“We want to push the boundaries of what you typically order,” says Caroline, “If you pick up brie every time, are you really pushing your palate or trying to step out of your comfort zone? We want to help customers discover and take them out of their comfort zone while still guaranteeing an enjoyable experience.”

Beyond the extraordinary products Fromage to You offers now, they’re looking with a clear vision into the future. Hyper-personalized cheese profiles, tracking and viewing your cheese selections on a map, personal curation, and pairing recommendations are on the horizon. “My advice is stay tuned for a lot of interesting product offerings. If what you see today isn’t exciting, tomorrow will be,” says Jackson.

Looking for a particular type of fromage? Caroline and Jackson want you to shoot them an email with feedback about cheeses you’d like to see, special requests, or anything else that can help them deliver you a phenomenal customer experience.


Caroline’s favorite cheeses: “Cowgirl Creamery Red Hawk or Rogue River Blue out of Oregon, but my favorite cheese changes almost daily.”

Jackson’s favorite cheeses: “Manchego; I’m a big fan. We’re sort of inspired by the history of Manchego and La Mancha region, and you may notice that our logo is a Manchego wheel.”


By Mandy Ellis, www.mandyellis.com